About Us

Fajardo Academy, an urban, parent-owned, non-profit, non-sectarian, co-educational, private day school exists or provides a quality integral education at elementary and secondary levels for college-oriented students of average and above average ability.

The Academy is dedicated to prepare students for roles of intellectual ethic, civic and professional leadership. It draws upon a demographic tradition of quality education, characterized by an objective –yet positive– view of humanity. Fajardo Academy seeks the education of a well-informed, discerning and responsible citizen, useful to society.

The Academy encourages the appreciation of life, development in critical powers, and a respect for tradition together with awareness of the need for change. To achieve these purposes, the Academy stresses the following objectives:

  • To offer a curriculum that prepares the student for admittance to post-secondary institutions of the highest quality.
  • To emphasize excellence in the teaching of all classes, recruit and maintain excellent Faculty and Staff members, and to pursue creative activities that reinforce and extend the core curriculum.
  • To develop responsible students, capable of examining and appreciating the many aspects of humankind and society, to foster an understanding of the individual and how each person ethically interacts within the group setting in a conscientious and proper manner.
  • To promote ethnic and social values within the individual through the study and exposure to the indigenous culture.
  • To guide each student’s personal growth and leadership capabilities by encouraging participation in clubs, activities, and athletic services that offer opportunities enhanced physical, psychological, and social growth by complementing the academic experience.
  • To develop a well-rounded individual who possesses self-assurance and is prepared for future personal and academic success.

Board of Directors

  1. Moisés Valladares (President)
  2. Sandra L. Guzmán (Vice-President)
  3. Damaris Hernández (Treasurer)
  4. Oscar Ramírez (Secretary)
  5. Luis Ventura (Vocal)


  • Pre-K: Ana R Rodríguez
  • Kinder: Marylou Muñoz
  • 1ro: Katherine Ruíz
  • 2do: Carmen Alvira
  • 3ro: Aura Andino
  • 4to: Carol Colón
  • 5to: Joselyn Negrón
  • 6to: Sonia Huertas
  • 7mo: Margarita Martínez
  • 8vo: Mara Pérez
  • 9no: Lyliana Crespo
  • 10mo: Karen Piñero
  • 11mo: Yazmin Monet
  • 12mo: Briseida Fernández
  • Arte/Teatro: Maria I Vargas
  • Computer: Karen Piñero
  • Francés: Marielys Rosario
  • PE: Angel Ortíz
  • Salud: Marie E González


  1. Puerto Rico Private School
  2. College Board
  3. Consejo General de Educación