The C. Brewer Company of Hawaii bought the Eastern Puerto Rico Sugar Company around 1959 and began bringing engineers and executives to its sugar mill in Fajardo. Fajardo Academy was founded as an incentive for the company’s English speaking executives to come to Fajardo with their families, since there was a lack of good English language schooling in the area. From its inception, Board of Trustees has operated Fajardo Academy. From 1962 until 1965, the C. Brewer Company subsidized tuition by providing necessary operating and capital funds up to a maximum of $35,000 annually. During the first years of the Academy, the C. Brewer Company also provided the school with the use of operations. Before closing, the company sold to the school the land and other properties it had been using.

The school began operations in September of 1962 using the old house belonging to the sugar company’s former president. There were four classes, with 19 students, ages 6 to 13 half of whom were children of Brewer executives. The school’s first Headmaster was Mr. William Dean, a graduate of Harvard College and from Columbia Law School, who accepted the position on a temporary basis until a permanent Headmaster could be named.

After a three-month search, Mr. Ronald Lawson and his wife Angela were recruited. The Lawson’s began their work at Fajardo Academy on 1963 and remained until their retirement from the Academy in 1985. During their tenure, Fajardo Academy first through eight. Mr. Brian Irving followed Mr. Lawson as Headmaster from 1985 until 1988, during which time Kindergarten was added.